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Irina (Shamira) Barzinskienė

Irina (Shamira) Barzinskienė

Irina Shamira

Irina fell in love with Oriental dance in 1993 when she first saw it while living in Lebanon. She immediately decided to start learning it at local dance studio form Lebanese teacher. After coming back to Lithuania she continued improving dance skills at various festivals across the Europe and Egypt.

Irina started teaching dance in 2003, by establishing first and still the biggest Oriental dance school in Lithuania “Orientalija”. Most of Lithuanian dance teachers has started their Dance career at Irina Shamira’s studio.

The first Oriental dance festival in Lithuania called ”Orientalis” was also produced by Irina in the same year and is one of the most popular annual  Bellydance events in Baltic states up until now.

At her studio, Irina Shamira is teaching students from beginner level till Show group members, creating dance routines that are admired by audience and winning best prizes at various dance contests. The most significant achievement are Oriental dance play’s (“Arabia” and “Zerzura – hidden town”) that are performed on many theater stages of Lithuania by teachers and students of “Orientalija”.

You may see Irina dancing on various TV programs of Lithuania and read articles about her in numerous magazines.

Besides giving workshops in different studios and festivals in Lithuania, Irina Shamira is travelling abroad to share her knowledge on Oriental dance. Some of the festivals where she was the guest teacher, judge or performer: “Pyramida”, Latvia, “Panorama vostoka” Riga, Latvia, “Caravan” Latvia, “Oiental dance camp” Ukraine, “Oriental dance festival in Capetown” SAR. Irina has created methodic and giving session on discovering feminity through oriental dance for non-dancers. These sessions are mostly given during Health retreats for women (in Lanzaote, Turkey, Rhodes, Greece) where Irina is a leader of camp.

Having bachelor degree and a working experience as physiotherapist enables Irina to teach dance in safe, health improving way, as well as other University degree in Education gives necessary skills for correct teaching and communicating ethics and attitude.

Long dancing and teaching experience gives Irina ability to share knowledge on most of Oriental dance styles, including folk dances, thus Irina is known for her exceptional knowledge and method of teaching on Golden Era (Vintage) style dance that she has been learning for a years from the only true authentic heritage carrier  Suha Deeb (Lebanon, Egypt). Dancing pure Golden Era dance fascinates audience with its beautiful and super feminine touch as well as using Vintage dance tips to a modern oriental music makes Irina’s performance’s outstanding, unique and unforgettable.